Influences from the past

My grandmother was a seamstress and hat designer from the 40’s on through the 70’s.  She never threw leftover fabric or trims away. So when she passed away I inherited not only her love of sewing and design, but also stacks and bags and boxes of fabric pieces, hat decorations and paper patterns from almost every era of the 20th century.  I just kept them for years as a memory of her, making this and that. Then I got a scanner for Christmas!  I discovered that I could scan the pieces and print them out for art projects. THEN, I discovered digital scrapping and realized I could use the fabric and embellishments in a whole new way. Grandma would be amazed!

There are so many pieces and I could never use them all myself. So occasionally I’m going to post an image here.  If you can use it, please do. ****Just remember, the fabric pieces are old, I don’t know who made the fabric or the designs, so please only use them for your personal stuff!!****

This piece was a dress that Grandma used to wear.  She made it and used the scraps in one of her many quilts.