My Great Grandmother

Sometime in the 1950’s, this photo was taken of Grandma with her mother, who we called G-G-ma. I don’t have many memories of my great-grandmother, but I do have stories and pictures. I’ve even been told that I look like her. She was a tiny woman, I’m not, and I do remember that she had beautiful long hair that she wore in a braid wrapped around her head.
I also know that she had chickens, And cows. Right in the neighborhood they lived in! Not too uncommon for the early part of the 20th century. She sold eggs, and milk, and there was always fresh chicken to eat. She loved her animals, but knew that she had them to provide for her family. My grandma told me that when her mom used a chicken for dinner, she would catch the bird, and thank it for its eggs and for providing a meal for her family. I can imagine that she thanked God for those things at the same time. I wish we approached our food with such reverence today. More people would have better eating habits.

Although she was gone before I could really get to know her, the stories and photos have certainly impacted my life. She is proof that our influence travels far beyond what we realize. And that we “raise up” our children even from the past.

Grandma and GGma



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