Life is like a grilled cheese sandwich

Sometimes food can make you think!  In our family, especially if the whole group is together, lots of times while we eat, we also talk about food. Food that we’ve had in the past, foods that we like the best, foods we would like to prepare. All of us enjoy cooking, experimenting with ingredients and feeding others.  A foodie family we are!

And in the face of that description, I’ve found that sometimes the simplest foods can have the most impact, and can really make you think!  Consider the humble grilled cheese sandwich.

One evening, as I ate my delicious grilled cheese sandwich, it came to me that our commitment to Christ is either like the wheat; or the milk the cheese and butter are made out of.  The wheat plant gives its life to become the flour that makes my whole wheat bread.  Its sacrifice is total. There is no going back, no refill of its life. Once it is harvested its life is over, and it begins a new life, as bread.

The milk that the cheese and butter are made from comes from a totally different kind of giving.  The cow is able to make more milk, over and over, day after day.  So while the cow is giving, she is not sacrificing.  She is giving from her abundance, in fact, not to give the milk hurts the cow.  She is getting rid of something she cannot use. We can use the milk, her calf can use it, but not the cow herself.

So, what is your commitment like? Are you wheat, giving your life to follow the Lord? Or are you a cow, just giving when you have to, out of something you don’t really need?  It matters.  Jesus taught his disciples (and if you follow Him, you are a disciple, it’s not just the name of a group of folks 2000 years ago) that their commitment to Him needed to be complete. Total. The entire you. Examine your relationship with Jesus. Become wheat.

Mark 8:35(NKJV)35 For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.